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    Welcome to Holgran

    We create value added solutions for taste and texture..naturally

    At Holgran our expertise is in whole grain cereals, oil seeds, malted grains, food fibres and other natural ingredients.

    About Us 

  • Holflake

    Holflake malted wheat flake is produced in our dedicated maltings in Gainsborough. We use a traditional method thought to have been developed by the Benedictine Monks of Burton Abbey. Crunchy and wholesome with tones of caramel, malt and toasted nutty flavours, Holflake can be added at different concentrations and will work across Plant and non-plant bakery and in bulk fermentation.


  • Sourdough Range

    At Holgran we can supply a range of dried sourdough flavours which will enhance the fragrance and aromatic notes of bread. The Spring range now available is easy to use making it unique and repeatable.


  • Malted Wheat Concentrates

    Our range of malt concentrates have been developed for use in baking applications and should be mixed with flour prior to use. Containing our Holfake wheat flakes and ranging from light to dark they provide different levels of malty taste and nuttiness, delicious whichever one you choose.

    Malted wheat concentrates 

  • Multiseed Blends

    A range of seeds and grain blends providing great visual appeal and rustic nutty flavours ideal for bread, sandwich carriers and applicable across different processes.

    Multiseed blends 

Holgran natural ingredient solutions are already helping Bakery’s big names.

We combine ingredients, innovation and insight creating value added solutions.

We believe that bread gets really interesting when you add toppings, inclusions and flavours. We also know that delivering claims of nutrition are important too. How do we do this?