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History of Holgran

Holgran Ltd was founded by Granary Foods Group in 1982, following its sale of the Granary® bread brand to Rank Hovis McDougall

The company set out establishing a business focused on inspiring the consumer demand of healthy and tasty breads.

Since then Holgran has focussed on consumer focused drive and nutrition insight combined material technology to make supply great products within both major manufacturing and retailer brand sectors.

This drive contributed significantly to the growth the healthy bread sector - High Fibre, Wholegrain, MultiGrain and seeded breads within the UK Bakery market, Holgran achieved industry recognition for being the driving force behind the growth of these categories, many of these products still being on the shelves today.

In 2008 Holgran became an intergral part of Rank Hovis Milling division where is exists today.

Holgran's unique business model working at the Interface of the Innovation community and the UK baking industry, forming relationships with technology based suppliers in order to design materials and products to meet future consumer needs.

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