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What can Holgran offer you?

The team at Holgran work with leading suppliers within the ingredient arena to bring a unique and varied range of products and make them available to customers.

Bespoke and off the shelf solutions are available it simply depends on what you are trying to achieve through taste, texture and function in your product.

We can help you design the look, feel and taste of your product or offer alternatives to your current solution and we love a challenge.

Give us a brief and let us show you what Holgran can deliver for your product be it in bakery, snacking or coatings etc.

In summary:

  • We can provide re-cleaned, high quality single and blended seeds
  • Provide bespoke seed and cereal blends as well as 'artisan' style products.
  • We can run test bakes to trial new products or work with your NPD team to prepare these.
  • Working with you, we will provide specifications as well as accreditation certificates if needed.
  • Providing new and innovative ingredients which can add value to successful products leading to brand growth.
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