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Why Holgran?

At Holgran we believe that taste and texture can be delivered through natural solutions. We know that consumers are seeking new taste experiences delivered through toppings, inclusions and flavours so called "bread with bits". Within other applications natural ingredients can exhibit functional properties and lead to cleaner labelling of manufactured product.

How do we do this?

From expertise

At Holgran our expertise lies in wholegrain cereals, oil seeds, malted grains, food fibres and other natural ingredients providing technical solutions. Our master blenders ensure the solutions we develop offer nutritional benefits where possible. The are also designed to improve taste, texture, health and visual appeal. These key attributes are not only applied within the bakery market bu increasingly across other food categories too.

Working Innovatively

We encourage early engagement with ingredient and technology suppliers so we can create new and exciting products to customer’s specifications or to anticipate market needs. This reduces time to market and raises the pace of successful launches.

With Market Insight

Our dedicated Holgran team review the bakery and food manufacturing trends in the UK, Europe and across other key geographies. By understanding health issues, consumer messages we can help you deliver health claims such as "high in fibre", "free from artificial preservatives" and "reduced salt" .


By working alongside large bakeries, food producers and major retailers we have a proven track record of making contributions to, in particular the premium bread sector in the UK. Why not let Holgran add value to your product portfolio?

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Why not let Holgran add value to your product portfolio